Company introduction

Guangdong tea group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "wide tea group"), its predecessor was founded in 1950, guangdong tea company, set tea cultivation, processing, scientific research and development, and domestic and foreign trade into an organic whole, is the agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise, 30 years continuous keep tea exports to lead the green tea export in the world, With nearly ten well-known brands covering different fields of the industry, it is the brand operator of the whole tea industry chain with the integration and operation ability of the global tea resource supply chain.

"Tea is the national drink, and Hangzhou is the tea capital". Guangcha Group is headquartered in Hangzhou, the tea capital of China. With tea as the main product, combining trade and industry and diversified development, its products cover tea, tea products, tea machinery, organic agricultural products, etc., and its sales network covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world. The group has established more than 20 sino-foreign joint ventures, wholly owned enterprises and holding enterprises, with branches in the United States, Japan and Mali, and representative offices in Uzbekistan, Morocco, Algeria and Pakistan.

The group has 70 years of tea business history, combining traditional manufacturing with modern technology innovation, and the products have become high-end meetings such as G20 and 2017 World Internet Conference tea. The group attaches great importance to improving tea productivity and the living conditions of people in tea-producing areas, and insists on working with local governments to improve tea production facilities.

In 1950, the predecessor Guangdong Tea Company was founded;

In 1980, the company obtained the import and export right, which opened up a new development field;

In 2000, the company restructured, injected strong power and vitality into the development;

In 2009, the company became a joint-stock enterprise after deepening reform.

In recent years, with the guiding goal of "tea connecting the Belt and Road, and integrating the east, west, north and South", Guangcha Group has given full play to its international trade advantages, actively responded to the national "Belt and Road" initiative, and expanded tea markets in countries and regions along the route. The group focuses on building four centers, focusing on the strategic support for upgrading the tea industry: the large-scale export tea center operated by large-scale innovation, the multi-functional special tea center with prominent characteristics and advantages, the comprehensive domestic trade center constructed by resource coupling, and the tea health industry center with trans-boundary concept innovation. Group to take an active part in national industry platform construction, actively undertake the WTO/TBT, SPS national notification consulting center of tea product research and appraisal base, and agriculture NongCunBu cooperation with Austrian "China · Austria organic tea garden" demonstration of the construction of the project, combined with the "+" standardization strategy implementation, mining national excellent culture, promote the tea industry of the tertiary industry.