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Often look down

People usually see the world's point of view, can be divided into looking up, head-up, overlooking the three.
Heads-up, is the most normal and most comfortable vision, from the calm of the sense of balance, contains a mature and confident, neither overbearing nor impatient, is not conducive to steady forward, not easy wrestling accident. Look up, is used to look tall than us and the perspective of the object, the so-called Takayama Yangzhi. Often looking up, from the benefits, let us know that there are days, people outside, learn from example, than a benchmark, not as a bottom frog, arrogant; from the side view, look up for a long time, not only neck pain, but also tend to Let us feel inferior heart, feel very small, everything is better than people, always in a state of repression.
Overlooking the "list of small hills," is used to look at people and things lower than our point of view. Some people are not as good as we are, we are not as fame as we are, and our social status is not as good as ours. When we turn our eyes to them, our eyes can not help but despise, snobbery and compassion. Most of the time, we often ignore them, turn a blind eye to them, because we envy the eyes have been staring at those who are higher than our successful people, busy and those wealthy, celebrities relatively high and low, see jealous, Than was exhausted.
From the natural law point of view, in general, young people like to look up, "young mind when taking cloud", in their eyes, few can see the people, only those famous masters will enter the famous field of vision . Like Liu Bang to see the emperor, dare to say "when a real man," Xiang Yu than he also cattle: "he can be replaced." Middle-aged, peace of mind, edge convergence, and also know that troubled world, Flat, do not hesitate to walk on the road, in an orderly manner toward their own goals. Into the old state, the weather-beaten, read countless people, "see the moon in spring", is no longer obsessed with fame, feasting, coupled with waist camel, and back bend, vertigo, naturally unnatural look down as a habit .
Of course, vary, and some people are looking up in life, life is aimed at a higher goal. He may live a very pomp, very bright, but certainly live very tired, very hasty, just get one city, but no time to browse the scenery, enjoy life, in fact, his life is very wrong. Therefore, when we look up very tired, may wish to look down and see those who live in the bottom of society people, although they and we are the same people, but education is lower than us, income less than us, the house than we are small , Work as we are decent, social status is inferior to us, always unknown to them, in front of them, we often have a sense of superiority, usually very dismissive, rarely glance to them.
In fact, their survival wisdom and social value is not lower than us, their contribution and labor is not less than us, we do not have any high reason for pride. And often contact with them, there will be unexpected gains. If a white-collar workers in the workplace struggle to be physically and mentally exhausted, in the market competition was life and death, the occasion of the use of breathing, bow down to see the cobbler street repair car, street lane, scavenger, you will Think, even if you retreat ten steps, hundred paces, but also higher than his standard of living, why should go for those things outside the contentious to win it?
By extension, an official for the poor career is no better than the upper floors and distress, may wish to look down at the people under the day to sit at their home, listen to what they have difficulties, what expectations; To the hand pain is still to make more money and anxiety of the boss, but also condescension to the hands of the staff home to sit and see what they are thinking, why He Le; a battle plan for the development of racking their brains General, may wish to sneak in to the soldiers of the big account in the turn, listen to their ideas and suggestions, will be a worthwhile trip. Often look down, may let us change thinking, may also make our impetuous mind to be soothing, will make our frenzy of desire to be cooled, into a normal psychological person, not a money machine, a workplace Madman, a disciple of the camp.
Often look down, is the rest is relaxed, is charging is decompression, it is wise move.