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Open-minded life of the best reward

Because want to eat boiled corn, a person slowly went to the supermarket. On the road through the park, to see a lot of people in the kite-flying, could not help but stop the footsteps, turn into the park.
There are a lot of people selling kites and kites in the park, of course, selling flowers, selling lanterns, selling calligraphy and painting, selling candied fruit and various snacks ... people coming and going, Here, in order to appreciate the taste of a little year, feel the breath of some spring.
Park selling goldfish stalls more than a few, I read one by one, I suddenly remembered the family added a pot of wealth and bamboo, just in that transparent bottle, raising two small goldfish.
I mention the goldfish to go when the boss recommended to me fish food, I then think of this goldfish, but also to eat. Think of the goldfish raised before, one by one because of eating and died in non-life, it is some regret, but the goldfish have paid the money, I can only hold.
To the supermarket to buy a boiled corn, go home all the way to go. When I passed the river, I released the goldfish into the river. At home, two daughters are playing computer, see me, my daughter asked:
"Mom, how come you're so late?"
"I bought two small goldfish, get the river to release.
Goldfish can not be released, they are artificially trained ornamental fish, to the natural river, is certain death!
"Sensational!" I do not believe, sit on the computer before the Internet query. Really as the daughter said, goldfish can not be released. Heart can not tell what is the taste, if not my kind, this goldfish may also be able to live a few days, which may well, maybe one day died.
Then I said to my daughter when I release goldfish, I also think there will be one day, I went to the river to play, the river is full of red little goldfish.
"Mom, there was a story that says that during World War II, when a little girl escaped, she rushed her goldfish to the river, and when she returned home after World War II, the river was full of Little goldfish, from the food and clothing of the little girl, to sell goldfish to make a living.
"You have no intention of a little charity, will bring you a lot of unexpected surprises, this story is good.
"In fact, the story to say is an open - minded attitude towards life, that the river full of red goldfish, is the best reward for open - minded life!
"The best reward for open - minded life?
"Yes ah, the teacher said Jide good, is not seeking return, and open - minded attitude to life, there must be a return, and that return, it must be surprisingly rich!
"What is an open - minded attitude to life, and is your teacher telling you?
"No, but I think the so - called open - minded, is no matter where you are in the situation, the heart is always full of hope!
Talk to this point, I was sitting in front of the computer, lost in thought.