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Close the earth 's ears

Bed is probably the most consumption life time place! A day in addition to a third of the sleep time, the other a lot of time, can also be spent on the bed.

Dog back, made a cup of tea and half lying in the bed, was sleeping until nine o 'clock! Go up and get something to eat, the east west look, already ten o 'clock, in half an hour, going out again.

Back on the playground, the ongoing autumn sports meeting of rehearsal. Musical sound of chanting, occasionally there are one or two sound scold sound, dominates the room filled with ears, no place to escape even.

Person, want to quiet for a while now, it's too difficult. Have a computer, television, mobile phone at home. These things no matter use, is usually open. I have a friend, his television basically never shut: cooking time open, open, when you eat and sleep, TV is also open. Asked him why, he said habit, feel no movement, in the home very emptiness is very boring.

Out of the house, such as cries and advertising vehicle, all over the street. Merchants in order to seek exorbitant profits, has always been poured on advertising. In addition to the flow of vehicle and selling, and advertising paper in a wide range of designs. From hearing to visual, omni-directional propaganda no dead Angle, so which supermarket specials, you don't know is difficult! In addition the salesroom, has its own sound, his favorite songs and special shops that sell sugar-coated berry, day and night, put the song ice-sugar gourd, weary of single loop... ...

So, now the people want to quiet, to have deep spiritual practice. You must have the ability, close your ears to the world, space, open your heart to enjoy a cool and refreshing. Just such an opportunity, but also not much. Such and such things, always copy your heart very full is a mess. Many want to have a heart quiet ethereal! Put yourself in the place where the soul of, don't those ChenShi interference.

All the fruit in the home, all have no, but how to don't want to go out to buy. Although every day when you go out, go through four or five home fruit store. Not forget to take money, is to bring the money and forget to buy it. Home is always open the door of that a moment, before crashing. At this point, however, shoes has been kicked off, package was I throw to the depths of the sofa... ...

And so next time, may is so every time.

Used to open the computer, the trouble to listen to the shaoxing opera. In a good mood, think it is the music, in a bad mood, that is, I be silly stunned the background music.

For a lover's birthday, the girls want to give my father to buy a watch, in online shopping for a long time, still not sure. Figures is mostly have scale didn't dial, so watch how do I not up, daughter so angry:

"Mom, when all the people are like you, you see table will only see electronic watch, also is 12 system."

"Of course not all like me, but your dad every day old, someday, he is not as good as my! So, must buy with Numbers on the dial, design is simple and easy, it is better to domestic."

"Domestic mechanical or quartz? What brand do you want?"

"To quartz, need not everyday winding, brand to the seagull."

"Gull? Never heard of."

"The Internet, as a Chinese, incredibly don't know the seagull watch?"

A daughter called me again:

"Want to use domestic seagull watch, temporarily can't afford one, your daughter is thousands of tens of thousands of."

Then, my daughter on QQ, send me a link, I open on see, isn't it? Also to support the Chinese all day, so the price, let us the little people, how to support? A newlywed, bought a watch the seagulls, less than 200 dollars.

Love came back from work, said to him. See I wasn't impressed, he looked at me and said:

"You are less than 200 pieces, I was monthly salary less than 120 yuan! For more than a month of wages, or to the present, not thousands of useful!"

"Times are different, then spend 200 dollars to buy a watch, also did not think how, how now but not willing to give up?"

"Don't think that way, that was didn't spend your money."

"You don't say you bought me a watch, to now you still love dearly!"

Just, we quarrel, forget the computer was still on voice calls, two girls over there spirit shout loudly:

"How noisy again? Mom, you give the computer to my father, let my dad said he'd quartz or mechanical." , I put my computer to lover.

"I want to mechanical, don't be too high price, didn't I give you remit money."

"Dial? Digital or graduated? Color should be black and white or grey days?"

"Digital calibration, color should be black and white."

"Oh, is it not a watch? Things are!" I can't help by chimed in.

"Dad, are you sure?"

"Sure, your mother rush to surf the Internet!"

"Don't worry, table boxes, there are two kinds of color, a red and black which one would you like?"

"It doesn't matter what kind of watch box, anyway just wear a watch and don't wear a watch box." And I say a word of mouth.

"Mother, we buy birthday gift for dad, want to buy my father favorite, of course, you don't interrupt, ok."

"What color do you like table box, what colour will! Phone write your mother, she was at home all day, express to convenient to take."

Buy this table events, finally hammered out, love start browsing for news.

"Take headphones to you, I want to quiet for a while."

"Want to quiet, what did you do for dinner?" Yeah, just and daughter discuss watch things, how to forget to do dinner?

You see, this want to quiet for a moment, really difficult! You can close the earth is the ear, you don't shut the appetite of the world! Darling still cooking go to! Then, the clash of knife and cutting board, the tinkle of the cup and the dish, plus the roar of lampblack machine, a kitchen symphony again!

"Shut the kitchen door, noisy dead." Lover to roar, I closed the door of the kitchen. Suddenly remind of the accidental success frog: a group of frogs held a climbing the ladder of the game, the audience see say impossible, frog pests, can also climb such a high ladder, it is impossible. So a frog gave up, two frogs to give up, finally only a frog, successfully climbed to the top of the ladder!

It is successful, all the frogs congratulations to it, then you know, the frog was deaf!

Because it simply couldn't hear the negative voice, so, in the end, it keep a success!

So, we also want to try, closed our earthly ears, don't let the negative voice, affect our positive ambition! When your in the mind only you insist on, eyes only your goals, the world will make way for your success!