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Slow down the clock of life

Life is a fleeting moment in the river of time, mankind do everything possible to seek forever and everlasting, but did not think, in fact, as long as the pace of their own slow down mentality flat, live in the present, then life will naturally become long and distant .
When I did not write a magazine before, I did not know that the time had come in advance. A draft of March or even April has been prepared in January. In the draft of the forum while watching the side gripped, his year has not yet ended, did not make a point, there people work has been a year, almost equal to the end. Years here, was actually can not wait to catch up with the speed of flight, how to make people panic?
The length of time is defined by man himself. 365 days a year, divided into four seasons, twelve months. Here, people always catch up with me like the game, to see who can one day into a day. Our ancestors know, if the decade into a year, we will so impatient it?
Days not used, can only be used to recover. Self has no intention to enter this door, it fell into such a turbulent swirl. Calendars and clocks on the numbers can only represent the past, because today to do, is already the future. Obviously is the spring, but the men have been doing non-stop fall thing.
There is nothing worthy of gratification, no reason for youth just a short length of a bit like others. What is the use of walking in front, time falls behind, urging the old soul and face it in vain.
The fast pace of modern people, nothing more than to speed up the clock of life, their own pressure and persecution of a way, only to more fully squeeze the juice of life to obtain value and fame. But I see it is faster and more leave no room for the consumption and flight. How, a ton of gold can be exchanged for even a second time?
Americans always run in front of the world, even spend today are tomorrow, the result? The financial crisis has finally shattered this myth of early consumption, punish all activities contrary to the laws of nature.
Beijing, then, a little leisurely. People live I, a spring vegetation, how short and beautiful time. If you can walk, why should anxious to run, miss the scenery all the way? Note that the front is not another spring, but has been waiting for you to close the end of life.
Tomorrow's thing is done today, and next year's event is finished this year. So ahead of the outstanding achievements and efforts, but is a result of the advance of life.
What is a rivers and lakes years reminder, juvenile children rivers and lakes old? This is the helplessness of life rather than enjoyment.