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There are three things that one can not wait for in one's li

The first is "poverty"
Poverty can not wait, because a long time, you will be used to poverty, when not only can not break through the self, or even obliterate their dreams, and mediocre over a lifetime ... ...
The second is "dream"
Dreams can not wait, because different stages of life, there will be different experiences and ideas, imagine a problem: If you dream of 20 years old, at the age of 60 was able to achieve, that would be what kind of a situation?
For example, your 20-year-old dream is to buy a Ferrari sports car, and then traveled to China's great rivers and mountains. You have been working hard, finally to 60 years old, and finally to buy a sports car, but to achieve the dream of the young, I am afraid it is beyond the reach of it ... ...
The third is "family"
Family can not wait, perhaps we are still young, the future has a lot of time can let us grope, hard, but the family have? They still have time for us to succeed? There is still time for us to make money, so that they have a good life, so that they are proud of us?
Trees for static and wind, the child wants to support and pro-not wait. This is a lot of people's pain, but also a lot of people a lifetime of regret!